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1and1 Webmail / Ionos Webmail Login, Outlook Settings, Cluster Guide

    Every entrepreneur’s dream is to have an email address and a domain name that matches the name of the business giving the business a professional appearance and stand out from the other businesses, therefore gaining a competitive advantage among the other businesses in the industry. Choosing Webmail that will allow you to create your business custom domain name and emails at small charges or for free depends on the Webmail company you choose because most Webmail companies in the market do not provide such a service. This article provides you with 1and1 Webmail emailing platform that will allow you to create your business custom domain and email address.

    What is 1and1 Webmail/ Ionos Webmail?

    1and1 Webmail is a free-of-charge and reliable emailing platform that enables you to create an email address and a domain name that matches your name or the name of your business. Additionally, you will have the capability of creating different business email addresses for the different parts of your business organization.

    1and1 Webmail provides you with an email package that lets you use the consistent domain for your website and email allowing you to create your dream corporate identity. 1and1 Webmail allows you to send a massive number of business emails at once, and it ensures your business information is stored in automatic backups.

    1and1 Webmail Login / Login

    The 1and1 Webmail login page allows you to login into your 1and1 Webmail account and sends and view the received emails, calendars, and any other updates; however, for you to log in, you need to create an account with 1and1 Webmail by signing up in their sign up page.

    • To access the 1and1 Webmail login page, you need to open your favorite browser and go to page is designed in a responsive way to be accessed by any device, whether a laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone.
    • The 1and1 Webmail login will load on your computer, and you will see the data input forms that prompt you to input your 1and1 Webmail registered email address and password.

    1and1 Webmail login

    • In the E-mail address text input form, enter your 1and1 Webmail registered email address. Note that if you input the wrong or incorrect email address, your authentication process will fail;
    • In the password input form, enter your 1and1 Webmail login password and then click on the blue “log in” button. If you have entered the wrong login credentials, whether an incorrect password or user Email, the login process will fail, and the login failed message will be displayed on your screen; else, you will be redirected to the 1and1 Webmail home page.

    1and1 Webmail login password

    1and1 Webmail Cluster / Webmail Cluster 1and1

    To access the Webmail cluster 1and1, you need to start by opening your browser on your computer, and then visit the Webmail cluster 1and1 login page. You will need to go through the login process on this page to provide your correct Webmail cluster 1and1 login credentials. After a successful login or authentication, you will be able to access your Webmail cluster 1and1. However, if you experience a problem accessing this page or login problems, you need to check on the troubleshooting problems on their site or contact them for help.

    1and1 Webmail Settings

    Like any other Webmail website, the 1and1 Webmail allows their users to configure and change their settings to meet their own needs and preferences. To access the 1and1 Webmail settings, you will be required to follow the following simple steps: Outlook Settings

    Setting up your Webmail 1and1 account can be done automatically; however, it is possible for your account not to work on the automatic setup. Some Webmail 1and1 accounts fail to work on the manual outlook settings, which means they should be configured manually. In this section of this article, how you can set up your outlook manually.

    It is very easy to set up your Webmail.1and1 account in Microsoft outlook; all you need is to follow the following simple steps:

    • Step 1-You should start by opening your Microsoft Outlook account on your computer and then click on the File option in the menu.
    • Step 2- After clicking on the File on the menu, the Menu Options will appear for you to select; among these menus, you should choose the option “Add Account.” outlook settings

    • Step 3- On the next step, you should click on the “additional server types “ or the “Manual setup,” and then below the “Next” button will appear, click on it to continue.
    • Step 4- You will be prompted to select either the IMAP or the POP options; in this step, you should click on one of them and then click on the “Next” to continue. outlook settings 1

    • Step 5- In this step, you will input the user details, the server details, and the logon details. Then you should select the type of account that you prefer, whether the POP3 or the IMAP account type. Note that whenever you would like to retrieve your emails using the POP3, you should always select the Account type to be the POP3 in the server details, and then set the to be your incoming mail server.

    1and1 outlook settings

    • You should input your name and email address on the user details. In the name field, you should enter the name you would like to display on your outgoing emails and the email address you should enter the email address you would like to set your account with.
    • You should proceed to the server details; you must configure the account type, the incoming mail server, and the outgoing mail server. In the account type, enter IMAP, then in the incoming mail server, enter the, and lastly, in the outgoing mail server, enter the
    • Lastly, you should configure the login details where you are supposed to enter your Webmail.1and1 login username or user email address and password.
    • Step 6– after entering the above-required information; you should click on the More settings to continue.
    • Step 7– On the outgoing mail server, tap’s options; you need to check on the checkbox “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication,” then proceed and click on the menu item. outlook


    • Step 8– then, you need to switch to the “Advanced” tab, where you will be prompted to enter various information for the outgoing mail servers and the incoming mail servers. In the incoming mail server POP3, enter the 995, and in the outgoing mail server SMTP, you should enter 587.
    • Step 9– save the settings by clicking on the “OK” button.
    • Step 10– on the POP and the IMAP account settings page, you should click on the “Next” button, and lastly, you should click on “Finish.”

    After going through the above ten simple steps, you have finally completed your outlook settings. 2.0

    To access 2.0,  open your browser and go to 2.0 login page, where you will be prompted to enter your login details. Log in using your login username and your login password, and after a successful login, you will be redirected to your 2.0 account.


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    How to export emails from 1and1 Webmail?

    You can export your emails from the 1and1 Webmail to any other mailing account such as outlook, yahoo, Gmail, and windows live Mail, Zimbra, Loftus notes, thunderbird, Rediifmail,, and office 365 using the land1 email backup tool. This tool will allow you to migrate email instantly to other web mailing platforms.  To export your emails, you need to follow the following simple steps:

      • Visit your 1and1 Webmail login page and log in to your 1and1 Webmail account
      • Click on the Mail and then select the Inbox option or select the folder you would like to locate the emails that you wish to export.
      • Then select the emails you would like to export and click on the settings icon.
      • Lastly, choose to click on the “Save As a file” where you will be able to download your emails as the. EML extension.

    How to access 1and1 Webmail?

    To access the 1and1 Webmail is very easy; all you need is an internet-connected computing device to allow you to access their page through the link This link takes you to the 1and1 Webmail login page, where you will are supposed to input your login details to proceed to your 1and1 Webmail user accounts.

    The main benefit of 1and1 Webmail is that it is easily accessible through electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

    How to know my server address from 1and1 Webmail?

    Most of the time, you can be able to find your server address in the form of the Webmail domain in the website link such as the https: //, and you can also be able to obtain your address by trying the 1and1 Webmail or email domain using the OWA directory.

    How to auto-delete old emails from  1and1 Webmail?

    Login to your webmail account and click on the mails tab, then you need to select the mails or the folder you would like to delete from. Right-click on the mails or the folder you wish to delete and click on the properties. A properties windows dialog box pops up, and in this dialog box, go to the AutoArchive option and set your desired options; select the auto-delete settings and then click “OK.”

    How do I backup my 1and1 Webmail?

    To back up your 1and1 Webmail, login into your webmail account using your username and password and then go to the Mail. Select all the emails or the email folder you would like to back up. To back up the entire folder, such as the whole Inbox, click on the select all to select all the emails from this folder. Then click on the menu icon and select the option “Save as file.”

    Lastly, click on the “save file” and then click on the finish button by pressing OK. The emails folder downloaded will be saved as a “.eml” file; however, if you selected several emails, select the “.zip” file.

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