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BCM Webmail Login – Webmail Web App

    BCM (Baylor College of Medicine) is a medical sciences university that deals with medical education and research. They provide various healthcare specialties education related to family medicine, surgery, and women’s health.

    With advancements in technology, they offer audio and video conferencing, BCM cloud, online calendars, and emails (Webmail).

    Here we will discuss about BCM Webmail features and ways to use them.

    What is BCM Webmail?

    BCM Webmail (Baylor Webmail) is used as a communication channel between BCM faculty, employees/staff, and students. They use a cloud-based communication tool – Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA) to access emails (webmails), calendars, contacts, instant messaging options, and any other tasks from any web browser or mobile phone.

    Features offered by BCM Webmail Web App:

    BCM Webmail uses some web-based supported email client tools like Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, Apple Mail, Entourage, Mac OS X Mail, Thunderbird for users to access and manage the emails.

    Assessing Webmail to view your calendar

    Assessing your calendar is also possible BCM cloud-based communication webmail app (Microsoft office 365). The BCM webmail app allows accessing your calendar from any computer via a web browser anywhere here/anytime.

    Accessing Contact through Webmail

    BCM Webmail can be accessed through the Microsoft office web app. You can use the “People view” option in Office 365 webmail to create, store, edit, and locate your contacts.

    To view People

    To view the People page in Outlook Web App, do the following:

    1. In a web browser, sign in to Outlook Web App using the URL provided by BCM Webmail. Enter your user name and password, and then select Sign in.
    2. At the top of the page, select People.

    Access Instant Messaging on Webmail

    BCM webmail supports instant messaging through their supported client software like outlook etc. They promote the use of instant messaging as a way for employees to communicate with one another in an expeditious fashion.

    Accessing your emails through Webmail

    BCM Webmail allows communication via email to all faculty, staff, students, and alumni through a web browser using Webmail cloud-based app (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) from desktop or on a mobile device same as Juno Mobile Webmail. So whether you are onsite or in another country, you can access your Baylor email.

    How to access or log in to BCM Edu Webmail?

    To access BCM webmail, you all need to have  BCM Username and your password and to access the BCM Edu login, you need have to have one of the supported browsers (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and Webmail supported email clients tool (ie. Microsoft Outlook, etc.). If you have all of these, follow the given steps to login into your webmail.

    Step 1- Open any one of the supported browsers and go to

    BCM Webmail

    Step 2- You will be redirected to a page to enter your BCM username and password and click Login in.

    Step 3- Once you fill in the details and click on Login, you will be prompted to open the supported webmail client app.

    Once you open the Webmail, you will get a quick view of your standard and any custom folders, a list of received messages, and a reading pane that will let you quickly review the content of any message you choose.

    Note: You must have installed a supported webmail client app on your computer.

    How to change BCM Webmail Password?

    BCM Webmail

    To change the password of your webmail, open the “Forgot Password?link from the Login page and enter your BCM username and click on the “OK” button. It will find your BCM webmail account and send a verification code to your phone number or recovery email to get the password reset link.

    How to change the BCM Webmail email address?

    To change your BCM Webmail email address, you sign out to your existing webmail account and create a separate BCM webmail account.

    Currently, It’s not possible to change the email address for an existing account but you can change the email for webmail forwarding.

    How to setup Microsoft Outlook Web App in Windows?

    1- Upon starting Outlook on your laptop or desktop, enter your Baylor Enterprise Computing Account (ECA) within the “Email Address” field in the following format:
    2- Enter your Baylor password.
    3- Retype your password, if prompted. Select the “Remember my credentials” checkbox.
    4-  Click “OK“.

    How to set up Microsoft Outlook Web App in Mac?

    1- Click the Exchange Account icon.

    2- Within the “E-mail address” field, enter your Baylor Enterprise Computing Account (ECA) in the following format:

    3- Within the “User name” field, enter your ECA.

    4- Within the “Password” field, enter your Baylor password.

    5- Ensure the “Configure automatically” check box is selected. Click “Add Account.”

    6- Select the “Always use my response for this server” check box and click “Allow.”

    7- If prompted, within the “Server” field, enter the following:

    8- Click “Add Account.”

    9- Select the “Always use my response for this server” check box and click Allow. (You may have to click Allow twice.)

    10- Outlook will then be connected to the Exchange server, and you will begin receiving all of your emails.

    11- Depending on the size of your mailbox, it may take a few minutes for all of your emails to appear. Exit the Accounts window.


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    Find answers to frequently asked questions about BCM Webmail.

    1. Can I forward multiple email messages at the same time, as I can in Outlook?

    No, forwarding multiple email messages simultaneously is not possible in webmail.

    2. Can I access other colleagues’ calendars in Webmail?

    Yes, you can view the calendar of anyone who has given you permission. Please note that only the calendar owner can grant permission for you to view their calendar.

    3. Are Public Folders available via Webmail?

    Currently, they are not. Public Folders are only available via Outlook on a Windows PC or via Citrix.

    4. I had some emails with large attachments. Where are they?

    In an effort to improve the efficiency of mail performance, the maximum message size to send or receive is 35 MB. If you had email messages over 35 MB in size, they have been moved to your OneDrive for Business cloud storage account. Go to, enter your BCM email address and password, and navigate to the OneDrive tab in the top blue menu bar. If you need to send a message larger than 35 MB, use Bigfile.

    5. How do I add a resource to my meeting invitation as “optional” in Office 365 webmail?

    Add the resource, then in the “Scheduling Assistant” tab, right-click on the name of the resource you wish to change to “Optional” and select “Attendance Optional.” Click OK to save this change and proceed with the meeting invitation.

    BCM Webmail Customer Service Care

    If you encounter any issues related to Webmail login or need support in installation of any supported clients tool like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. You can contact the Webmail IOT help desk for support via email or phone number.

    BCM Webmail Email Support:

    BCM Webmail Customer Care Number: 713-798-8737