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Comporium Webmail – Login

    Are you looking for a Comporium Webmail guide to help you log in, reset passwords, find their support, help, and their FAQs?

    This article provides a comprehensive guide that will help you learn how to log in to your Comporium webmail account, how you can reset your password, how you can access their settings and their FAQs.

    a) Comporium Webmail Login

    • First, you need to visit the official Comporium webmail website by opening your favorite browser on your computer or mobile phone and visiting

    • After clicking on the above link address, you will be directed to the official Comporium website, where you will find the box with the login forms. It is in these forms where you should enter your login details.

    • To log in, you need to enter the correct details; they should be similar to the details you submitted during the registration process. You need to input your Comporium webmail registered email address and the password. After entering your email and password, you should then click on the Sign In button to log in.

    b) Access Comporium Webmail with an iPhone

    Setting up Comporium webmail iPhone is also very easy, and it involves several steps. You only need to have your iPhone ready with and get started:

    • First, you should select the “settings” option by clicking on our iPhone home screen’s gear icon.

    Comporium webmail iPhone

    • The second step involves selecting the “Mail, Contact, Calendars” option; after choosing the settings option, the new “Accounts” screen will appear on your iPhone.

    • In the Accounts screen on your phone, select the “Add Account” option to continue.

    Comporium webmail iPhone

    • A new screen of the “Add Account” will appear, and this screen will allow you to either create an account or choose to continue with an existing account; however, in this guide, we will add a new account.

    Comporium webmail iPhone 3

    • Click on the option “Add Mail Account.”

    Comporium webmail iPhone 4

    • Your iPhone will open a new screen named New Account. You should enter your account details on the edit text forms available on this screen. You should enter your name or the name you wish to display when you have new emails on your account, then your full email address, your security password, and lastly, any description of your new email account. In the description section, you can list your personal information, home information, etc.

    Comporium webmail iPhone 5

    • After entering your new account information, you should then click on the “Next” button, where your iPhone will automatically store your information to the server settings. In most cases, this functionality can fail to function and will need to be added manually. In the opened screen, you should start the first configuration by selecting the account type to be “IMAP.”

    Comporium webmail iPhone 6

    • You should scroll down the screen and then enter the following details to configure the server. In the incoming mail server, you should enter your Hostname as; the username and the password will be entered automatically.Comporium webmail iPhone 7

    The following configuration is on the outgoing mail server, where you should enter as the Hostname, then enter your email address in the username box and the password of your choice in the password and then click on the “Next ” button.

    • After clicking on the “Next” button, the system verification message on your screen will appear on the top of the screen.

    • After the complete verification, you will be taken to a screen to view your contacts, calendars, and mail. From this screen, select the account you have created and then click on the account’s name to make some changes to your account. From this step, you will need to check our email address before proceeding to the next screen.

    • You should select the “Advanced” option on the mail server, and from this screen, you will be able to change the mailbox behaviors and match your preferences.

    Comporium webmail iPhone 8

    • On the screen that will appear, select the draft mailbox, sent, and Trash by checking on drafts, sent, and Trash on the server menu

    Comporium webmail iPhone 9

    • After the above three settings selection, you should proceed to scroll down at the incoming settings and alter the “ON” and the “Use SSL,” and edit the “Server Port” to “993.”

    Comporium webmail iPhone 10

    • Click on the “” to edit the “server port” to 587“. You can now use your Comporium mail server on your iPhone in this step.

    Comporium webmail iPhone 11

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    c) Comporium Webmail Password Change

    To change your Comporium webmail password is very easy because it involves a few steps. Like any other site, you can easily reset your account password when you want, when you have forgotten your password, or just for security purposes.

    Comporium webmail change password

    Changing your Comporium email password involves the following few steps:

    • To change your password in Comporium webmail, you should visit the login page on and click on the link “Forgot Password.”

    • The password reset modal popup will appear or pop up and prompt you to enter your Comporium webmail registered email address in the email address input form.

    • You should enter your email address and type the correct Recaptcha code from the image provided below and then click on the “Submit “button.

    d) Comporium Webmail Outage

    Like any other website, Comporium webmail is not 100% immune to technical problems and errors, and therefore your Comporium account will be prone to some ups and downs. Despite these technical problems, the Comporium webmail technical support is always ready to work at your service every time you contact them to help.

    e) Comporium Webmail Spam

    The Comporium webmail is one of the most secure emailing and messaging platforms globally. With its integrated virus/spam emailing services, spam and virus messages into your mailbox are entirely regulated.
    Despite this good integrated virus/spam emailing services performance to filter all the viruses and spam, this service cannot ensure security completely; that is why you must learn the following Comporium webmail spam prevention tips.
    • The spam emails contain unrecognized addresses- You can recognize the spam emails by checking the email address and recognizing the address.
    • Always ensure that the website is reputable every moment you are asked to give out your email address to ensure that your mail does not land in the hands of third parties or scammers.
    • You should always run spyware or antivirus applications to ensure that your computer is safe from viruses.
    • Lastly, you can use the Comporium webmail spam filtering service to block any suspected mail sender and allow the emails that seem to be genuine.

    h) Comporium Webmail Support and Comporium Webmail Help

    Comporium webmail support is always available, and you can quickly contact them at the hour of your need because they are committed to providing 24/7 customer care services. Comporium webmail aims to deliver 99.6% of client satisfaction by maximizing customer care desk services.

    Comporium webmail support and Comporium webmail help
    Comporium has a technical team of experts who are always ready to help; therefore, if you experience any technical problem or issue while using the Comporium webmail services, you can easily contact their technical support team using fax: (803) 326-5703, or email or send them a letter to External affairs PO BOX 470, Rockhill. Alternatively, you can dial 6-1-1 or toll-free number (877) 355-3253.

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    1- How to forward my webmail from Comporium to my Gmail account?

    To forward your webmail to your Gmail account, you should follow the following basic steps:

    • Go to your Gmail settings, and under the import option, click on add another email address.

    • Then enter your Comporium registered email address and click on the “Next Step.”

    • In this step, click on the Find SMTP, select “configure email client” under the email section to get the SMTP information.

    • You will see the PORT number and the SMTP server name on the configuration page. You should then try PORT number 5 since most servers use PORT number 5, but others need a TLS/SSL because of security matters. You can use the 587 port.

    • Now verify your email address to send the email from the custom domain through Gmail. Then manually enter the verification code and then get ready to start.

    2- Whitelisting an email address in Comporium Webmail.

    • Click on the icon for setting on the top-right of your mailbox page

    • then choose safe and blocked senders, and after that, click on safe senders

    • add the email domain that you would like to whitelist to safe senders

    • Go back to Safe and blocked senders and then choose safe mailing lists.

    3- How to change the password on Comporium Webmail?

    To change the password on your Comporium webmail account, you should click on the forgot password link on your login page. A modal box will appear requesting you to input your email address and your new password.

    4- How to move Comporium Webmail to desktop?

    To move your Comporium webmail to your desktop, you need to configure the following settings.

    i. You should change the POP configurations

    • In the Inbound server enter the “
    • Change the Inbound port to 995
    • Then you should put the SSL on
    • Enter the on the Outbound SMTP server
    • On the Outbound SMTP port input the 465
    • Log in

    ii. In the IMAP configurations

    • In the Inbound server enter the “
    • Change the Inbound port to 993
    • Alter the SSL to on
    • Input the in the Outbound SMTP server
    • Then Authenticate

    5- How do I check spam emails in Comporium Webmail?

    Checking the spam email on your Comporium is very easy because you only need to check on the new email with an unknown address. These emails are specifically scams, and you should avoid opening them or replying to them.