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eMyPeople Webmail – Login, Support Guide

    In this post-COVID 21st century, most businesses, irrespective of their size, use e-mailing as their key source of communication. This form of online-communication is now considered to be the same as any other physically sharing of official data with a client/colleague.

    Whether you use mailing for your personal purposes or for running your internet-accessible business; quick, secure, and spam-free communication is something you just cannot compromise on. The best way to achieve this is by setting up a decent-enough web mailing service. Without one, the smooth running of a business could end up being a hectic task.

    And this is exactly why; we have brought to you the webmail service. What is webmail? Who are eMyPeople? Why is it better than the rest? And how can you log-on to it? Well, we’ve got all of those questions answered on here.

    So sit back, and give this article a read until the very end as Here’s everything you need to about the Web-mail:

    What is eMyPeople Webmail?

    eMyPeople  is one of the best email services across the United States. From Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox to Chrome and Edge, It can be accessed by using all kinds of standard web browsers. How is it different from a usual email service? Well, unlike an email service, the eMyPeople can be accessed through a specialized email web client software like Agape, etc.

    Other than eMyPeople, some of the examples of webmail providers are AOL Mail, Mailfence,, and Yahoo! Mail.

    eMyPeople provides two types of webmail services, eMypeople Hosted and Cloud Hosted. We will discuss more about this in the next part of the article.

    Who is eMypeople?

    eMyPeople LLC is a nationwide e-mailing service provider. Based in Pennsylvania, eMyPeople are best-known for offering customized access options and E-mail-only (Dial-up & High-Speed Wireless) access.

    Other than communication services, also provides services like Internet filtering, Accountability reporting, spam filtering. eMyPeople LLC also supplies customized equipment, phones, and connections.

    What makes eMyPeople Webmail better?

    As you now know about what a webmail is and why you need it. You may ask “Why should I pick eMyPeople webmail while I can use many other webmail services available on the market.”

    Well here’s why:

    It’s more secure:

    We usually stumble upon the news, talking about the emails of celebrates and public figures getting leaked. It’s because of the weak security provided by the platforms they use to communicate. In fact, companies like Google have been accused of just pulling things up from people’s mails and providing it to authoritarian governments, on-demand. That is almost impossible if you use the eMyPeople webmail, as you will be in total control of the system making it significantly difficult for any third-party to intervene. is Spam-free:

    One of the biggest disadvantages of using the free services of companies that provide services other than just web mailing is that they parse your email to show you ads. And this could get really annoying and distracting, especially if you are using those services for work and business. The webmail uses an advanced spam filtering system. And when you use it, there is no chance of you coming across any type/form of spamming.

    It Effectively Filters Mails:

    Although many other services also have a system to keep you away from spam mails and filter the mails based on your choice unlike the one used by eMyPeople, those systems are very ineffective and most of the times, mails that are important to you might end up in the spam folder. The mail filter used by the eMypeople will effectively show you the mails, you require while separating the spam and the mails you did not opt for.


     This has been one of the problems with this mode of communication. And most of the web-mail service providers haven’t yet come up with an effective solution to viruses. But the webmail constantly conducts virus-scans on your mails and if there are any issues, it will alert you so that you can take action on time.

    eMyPeople Web Client:

    eMyPeople offers a local computer-based software Agape and AgapeSafeGuard Clients as eMyPeople Web Client tool to access webmail without opening any third-party web browsers. It’s safe and secure as it particularly builds for accessing the webmails. You can download these web clients’ software on the eMyPeople download page.

    Alternatively, you can open access to the Agape control panel using any web browser.

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    How to log-on to webmail?

    As already mentioned before, The “Ease of access” is one of the major features of webmail. All you need is a decent internet connection and a web browser. You can log on to eMyPeople webmail at any time, and on any device by following these simple steps:

    Step 1: Go to the official website of eMyPeople LLC (

    eMyPeople LLC webmail

    Step 2: click on the Log-in button:

    eMyPeople LLC AGAPEAs you can see in the picture above, click on the “Login” button and you’ll see those three options as in the picture. Among those three, the two options, AGAPE and ICEWARP are the webmails provided by eMyPeople. Select the webmail you are registered on.

    Step 3: Fill in Your Details:

    If you pick Agape, you will be redirected to a page, similar to the picture above. Here, on the right-hand side of the picture, you can see that there is are two options for World Wide Web and eMyPeople. Make sure to click on eMypeople, and fill in your username and password.

    Alternatively, you can visit this page by opening the eMyPeople Webmail login link directly in your browser.

    And if you picked Icewarp, you will be redirected to the page similar to this picture below:

    eMyPeople webmail

    Here, enter your username and click on next and you will be redirected to the next page where you will have to enter your password. Once you do it and click on “Log in”, TA-DA! You will be logged in to your webmail! Yes. It is that simple!

    And don’t forget, eMyPeople also offer several support channels to help in troubleshooting any kind of service issues. All you need to do is contact them using the information provided below, and they will be there to assist you in an instance!

    What are you waiting for? Go to and get started!

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