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Misericordia Webmail – Login, Email Settings Guide

    Misericordia University is a Private Catholic Liberal Arts University established in 1924, in Dallas, Pennsylvania, United States. Currently, 3196 students, 1958 undergraduates, 564 postgraduates, and 257 administrative staff members are working full-time or part-time at Misericordia University. The university has a variety of faculties with a 10:1 student to faculty ratio. The University provides an email service as Misericordia Webmail to connect with students and staff members.

    myMU home page Webmail / Emails

    Like almost every university, Misericordia University has its email domain. That is All the undergraduate, postgraduate students and administrative staff members got an email account with the university domain. That is also known as myMU email. (myMU is the campus portal of Misericordia University which will provide access to all the online/web services and information). Misericordia University people use this email for communication mainly related to academic work. Also, university email has many benefits and offers other than sending or receiving emails. For example, the office 365 package is free for myMU emails.

    Misericordia Webmail Sign Up

    There is no way to sign up externally to a myMU account using the web portal. Students who got selected for Misericordia University can have the credentials to their myMU account after the orientation. Using that, students can access the account and change their passwords for security.

    Login page to myMU

    Misericordia Webmail Login

    • Log on to the Misericordia University myMU website,

    • Click on the login button in the top right corner of the web page.

    • After seconds, the Sign-in to MU Portal page will be loaded. Enter the myMU username and password and click sign in.

    (*Note: Logging in for the first time? The password is the first initial of the first name, first initial of the last name, followed by the last four digits of the social security number or SSN.)

    • Answer the security questions and log in to the myMU account.

    • There is a section called LaunchPad and find the email icon under that section. The OWA (Outlook Web App), the web browser-based version of Outlook for the myMU email account can be accessed through this icon.

    (*Note: Be aware of the Caps Lock and Shift while entering the password. The password is case sensitive.)

    Setting Up The Webmail /Email

    This topic is regarding some straightforward information on setting up the myMU email on Android Phones, Apple Phones, and Google / Gmail.

    Setting Up Webmail In Android Email Applications

    Accounts and backup in android settings

    Figure 1 – Accounts and backup in android settings


    Figure 2 – Accounts

    01. Open the Settings and go to Accounts and backup, then to Accounts. (See the Figure 1,2)

    02. Tap Add Account (See Figure 3)

    03. Select Exchange as the type of email under Set up email. (See the Figure 4)

    Add account

    Figure 3 – Add account


    Account type is Exchange

    Figure 4 – Account type is Exchange

    04. Enter the myMU email address. (For example,

    05. Now tap the “Set up manually” button in the bottom left corner.

    06. Then the email setup section will appear and it requests a password, domain/username, server, port related to the email account. Follow the steps below when entering these data.

    a. Password – enter the myMU account password

    b. Domain/Username – the username may be filled automatically in the field. But at the beginning of that username, the “mucampus\” part should be added.

    c. Server – this field also has been already filled according to the email address entered by the user. In this case, it will appear as “”. But there is a missing “owa.” part and that must be added to the beginning of it.

    07. After completing, a remote security administration box will appear and just select the OK option.

    08. A list of some options related to email and syncing will appear. Here the user can select,
    a. Period to sync email – how far back the user needs to get mails.
    b. Period to sync calendar – how far back the user needs to get events.

    09. Tap the next button and add a name to the email account. (For example, MU, Misericordia, School, etc. are possible suggestions.)

    10. Now, wait till the application loads the email data and you are done!

    (*Note: If a pop-up came up that says Device Administrator, select Active to complete the setup. Otherwise setting up the email account will not be successful.)

    Setting Up Misericordia Webmail In Apple Email Application

    01. Go to settings, find Accounts and Passwords, and enter.

    02. Select the “Add Account” option.

    03. Select Exchange.

    04. Then the username and password will be requested.

    a. Username – enter the full email address of the university (For example –
    b. Description – enter a name that describes the university account. (As a common example – MU, Misericordia, School, etc.)

    05. The next page will ask for the password and that is the password of myMU.

    06. After verifying the above details, the application asks for the following details on another page. Follow these steps to complete setting up the account.
    a. Server – type “”
    b. Domain – enter “mucampus”
    c. Username – myMU username (without part)
    d. Password – type the same password and verify the password.

    07. As the last step, the user has to choose which settings are needed to be synced to the account.

    08. Now, all sets, and mails can be accessed through the application after loading the data.

    Setting Up Webmail With Google

    set up the email with google

    Figure 5 – set up the email with google

    The procedure is almost the same as the previous two settings.
    01. Go to settings and then to Users and Accounts.
    02. Select Add Account option and select Exchange as the type of account.
    03. Type the myMU email address and click the “Manual set up” button.
    04. Enter the requested details of the myMU account.
    a. Password – enter the myMU password.
    b. Domain/Username – mucampus\myMU someone
    c. Server –
    d. Port – Do not change the existing port in the field.
    e. Security type – Do not change the automatically selected security type.

    05. Click next and then the device will validate the entered settings.
    06. If all the settings are successful, a popup will be received for Remote Security Administration. And select OK.
    07. Go to the next page and select Activate this device Admin App to allow the myMU account to be added.
    08. Account name – enter a name that describes the account. (For example, MU, Misericordia, School, etc.)
    09. Wait till the application loads the email data.
    10. From now, emails can be received and sent by the myMU account through the google application.

    Installing Microsoft Office 365 For Free With Emails

    Installing Ms. Office 365 On Windows Or Apple Computers.

    01. Log on to

    02.Do sign in.
    a. Username – full myMU email address
    b. Password – Misericordia123 (For the first time of sign in.)
    (*Note: Change the password)
    03. After a successful login, find the Install Office button and select Office 365 apps.
    04. The Office package will start to download and wait till it completes.

    05. After the download process is completed, double click on the downloaded file to open the Office 365 installation wizard, and start the installation process.

    06. Now the Office 365 is being installed and this may take time.

    07. When the installation is done, open Word and clicks on sign-in on the top right.

    08. Enter the credentials of the Microsoft account created with myMU email.

    09. Click the Files tab, go to accounts and check the active status. Office 365 subscription is now activated on your device.

    (*Note: From Google Play Store and App Store Office applications can be downloaded free.)


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    Conclusion –

    This description is mainly focused on the Misericordia Webmail accounts provided by Misericordia University. The reader can have a good knowledge and understanding about what is Misericordia University myMU account is, how to log in to the myMU account and access the email services, how to set up the myMU email account android, apple devices, and google, and how to install MS Office 365 package free using the myMU email.