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NetZero Webmail Login – Mobile Webmail, Troubleshooting Help

    NetZero Webmail is a webmail platform where its clients can subscribe to free email services, and they can send and receive emails without being charged.

    When you intend to initiate an official communication, there are so many reasons why you should use emails over other methods of communication, such as sending SMS. This is because emails are considered one of the official ways of communication, they are secure, and they are fast.

    However, sending emails can be an expensive task, and it is essential to consider the free emailing platform. Think of an emailing platform where you can send emails to any organization or to your friends without being charged any cost. This article provides a guide to accessing and using a free emailing platform known as the NetZero Webmail.

    What is a NetZero Webmail?

    Over the past years, the NetZero Webmail platform has become more popular because of the following features:

    • Increased accessibility-

    NetZero Webmail services are accessible over any computing device as long as that device is connected over the internet; therefore, NetZero Webmail allows you to use the device that you would like to access their web and mobile services.

    • You can use multiple addresses-

    This is another benefit for choosing to use the NetZero Webmail platform; you are given the freedom to use any email address that you would like. Unlike other webmail platforms, the NetZero Webmail allows you to use more than one email address without being charged for an extra cost.

    • The NetZero Webmail services are secure-

    Security is another major factor that you need to check before deciding to use any webmail service. The NetZero Webmail is capable of protecting your mails from all the internet risks, including spam wares and viruses. NetZero has made it its priority to provide security to its clients against any potential security threat during the communication. Because of their spam ware and virus protection capability, the NetZero Webmail is capable of protecting your mailbox by blocking all the junk mails and protecting against all the potential computer and internet viruses.

    a) The Instructions to the NetZero Webmail Login

    Are you looking forward to getting started at NetZero Webmail login? This section of this article provides you with the basic steps that you should follow to log in.

    • The first step is to open your favorite browser on your computing device. This device can be a laptop, a tablet, a desktop, or a mobile phone, and visit the link to direct you to the NetZero Webmail login.

    • After the web page opens, you will find the login section on the web page’s left side. The page has a single input form with the placeholder “User ID,” it is in this form where you should enter your registered NetZero Webmail ID and then click on the “Next” button.

    NetZero Webmail login

    • After entering your User ID, the next page will prompt you to enter your password. Enter your password in the password input form and click on the “log in” button. You will be directed to your NetZero Webmail user account management page.

    b) NetZero Mobile Webmail

    • To access the NetZero mobile webmail, you should open your browser and go to

    • This link will open a NetZero mobile webmail page that has several links; you can go to your account by clicking the “My Account ” link, you can view the software details by clicking on the “Software “link, you can view help by clicking “Help” link, and you can sign in into Email by clicking on the blue “sign into email” blue button.

    • The NetZero Webmail mobile page also allows you to view various news across the world and the weather updates and news in your location.

    NetZero mobile webmail

    c) Webmail Login

    • To visit the NetZero Webmail login, you should follow few basic steps. These steps include:

    • Open your favorite browser from your computing devices such as a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet and go to webmail login

    • A NetZero getting started page will open on your computer. Using the “Sign in to my email” button, you will be directed to your account login page.

    You will be prompted to enter your NetZero Webmail user ID on this page. This user ID is used as the unique identifier of every account use, where every user has their own and unique User ID.
    After entering the User ID, you should click on the red button “Next” to proceed.

    • After clicking on the Next button, the webmail will open a page where you will be required to input your password to continue. webmail

    Enter your password and click on the right button Sign in to continue. Note that the sign-in will only be successful if you enter the correct details only; if you enter the wrong user ID or the incorrect password, you will receive an error message that will prompt you to check on the login credentials that you have provided: webmail

    d) NetZero Webmail Login Mobile App

    To access the NetZero Webmail login mobile app, you need to download the NetZero Webmail login mobile app. After installing, you should create a webmail account if you do not have an account or proceed to the login page with your login details.

    login mobile app


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    1- How to export the address book from NetZero Webmail?

    To export your address book from the NetZero Webmail, you should undergo the following essential steps:

    • Open your Microsoft mail application, go to the account settings and then input the to proceed as the outgoing server for the SMTP.

    • Then, input to become your incoming server (POP3).

    • Proceed to the next step of the login page, where you are supposed to input your NetZero registered email address in the user ID input field.

    • After entering the User ID, this webmail will direct you to the password input page, where you should input your password. Then you should proceed to settings and let your email client download your address book.

    This will export all the NetZero Webmail address book copies to your computer’s hard drive.

    2- How to read NetZero message center Webmail?

    To Sign-in in to your NetZero message center webmail, you should first go to the then proceed to log in. you should proceed to your inbox and then open the sent mail and the attachment in the mail.

    The NetZero Webmail message center allows you to do everything on the NetZero Webmail account, from starting your communications, navigating to your mailbox, accessing your folder, address book, and the options page. You can also personalize your NetZero message center to be able to view all the news, stock picks, local weather, etc.

    3- How to download all folders from NetZero Webmail to windows live mail?

    To download your folders from the NetZero to windows live mail will require you to go through two straightforward steps: first, download the folder from NetZero Webmail and upload it to the windows live mail.

    • To download your NetZero Webmail folders, create a new folder on your computer and give it any name you want.

    • Then open your webmail folder manager and click on the disk icon followed by the folders you would like to download.

    • The windows download manager will start to download the selected folders and prompt you to choose either the open or save option, choose Save, and continue.

    • A pop-up will appear for a file browser, browse for the folder you created and click save. The NetZero Webmail folders will be saved in your folder.

    • Now you need to proceed to step two, where you should upload the folders to windows live mail. Start this process by opening the windows live mail.

    • Then click on the tools icon drop-down arrow and select the import mail option.

    • A windows pop-up will appear and will prompt you to select the folder to import; proceed by browsing and selecting the downloaded folder from the webmail and click on Next to continue.

    • Then select on all folders to import

    • Then click on the button “Finish” to complete the importing process. The folder will be uploaded successfully.

    4- How can emails be on my iPhone but not on my laptop from webmail NetZero?

    The emails can be found on your iPhone but not on your laptop, primarily if you have exported the Webmail on your iPhone and not on your computer. This means that there are several emails that are found in a folder in your iPhone but not on the laptop. To solve this issue, you should import the entire folder into your laptop.

    5- Why does my NetZero Webmail keep redirecting?

    Your NetZero Webmail keeps redirecting because you have not selected the mail forwarding or redirecting off.
    To prevent the NetZero Webmail forwarding, login into your NetZero Webmail message center, then go ahead and click on general on the options menu, proceed to mail forwarding, and then click to select off.
    Lastly, you should click “save” so that you can save the changes. If you don’t save the changes, the webmail redirecting will go on.