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PUSD Webmail – Login Guide

    One of the main benefits of using webmail platforms to send and receive emails is that they are accessed through web browsers, and they do not download and install extra applications and software. However, not all webmail services are compatible with every device and every browser, limiting the user to use one device and one browser.

    PUSD Webmail

    Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) webmail is one of the best webmail platforms due to its updated features. This article provides you with a comprehensive guide on accessing the PUSD webmail login and the PUSD

    PUSD webmail

    What are the features of PUSD Webmail?

    • Better and enhanced compatibility  with more devices and browsers
    • Enhanced email editing
    • Allows drag-drop for attachments and images
    • Better templates and emojis
    • Improved search
    • Enhance calendars
    • Expanded customization
    • It is updated and has a contemporary style

    PUSD Webmail Login

    To access your PUSD webmail, you only need to follow the following basic instructions.

    • Open your favorite browser, and on the address input section, paste the following link: click “Go to” or enter your keyboard.
    • A Pusd webmail welcome page loads on your page with the text “Welcome to PUSD webmail.” At the bottom right of the yellow section, click on the “log in to webmail” link.
    • The PUSD webmail login page will load on your screen. This page will see two data input forms, the username input form, and the password input form.

    pusd webmail login

    • In the username input form, enter your outlook username or email.
    • In the second input, form enter your PUSD webmail password.
    • Then click on the “Sign in” login link. You will only be allowed to log in if you provided the correct login details (username and password) in the above input forms. If you input incorrect login details, you will receive an error message, and you will not be redirected to your PUSD webmail account.

    webmail pusd 11 net

    • The webmail login page will load where you will find the login input buttons at the center of the page. First of all, you will start by adding your registered phone or email and then click on the “Next” blue button. Then you will be redirected to the next page, where you will be prompted to input your password and then click on the “Sign in“button.
    • If you are experiencing problems login into your, click on the link “can’t access your account?” and you will be redirected to the account recovery page.

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    You will find two data input forms where you should input your private information and pass a simple security test on this page. On the first input form, enter your username or email in the form of It is also essential to ensure that you have not entered the personal email address. Enter the Pusd webmail email address that you would like to retrieve.

    Then enter the recapture that you can see or the words you can hear after playing the audio and then click on the “Next” button, and you will be redirected to a page that allows you to reset your login passwords or recover your lost PUSD Webmail username.